Point Cloud to Mesh Conversion for Surveyors to Take Informed Decisions

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Object Mesh or creating a 3D solid model in on a CAD/BIM platform is basically collating the millions of scanned data points to develop a 3D topography with accurate geometric dimensions. It is typically applied to refurbishment or conservation of archaic/historic buildings where the contractor needs to know the as-built building conditions beforehand.


Surveyors along with the construction companies typically are the prominent users of 3D laser scan data to BIM conversion during the study of existing construction facility. The process involves the import of the millions of point cloud scan obtained though LiDAR or drone scanned images in to Revit. Meshes and intelligent solid 3D models are then developed in Revit or Micro-station with accuracy checks and overlapping methods to reconstruction the geometry.

Benefits would of point cloud to mesh conversion:

  • Better decision making while retrofitting of bridges and dams
  • Aligned and early design insights to surveyors and contractors
  • Design preservation of museums, churches, educational buildings etc.
  • Design coordination insights with BIM collaboration to designers and engineers
  • Keep project on schedule, costs controls and meet delivery dates

We at Hi-Tech CADD Services have delivered several point cloud to BIM conversion projects with our very competent BIM managers and experts in studying the important and critical data. Our widespread industry experience and 25+ years of BIM services help us to be the industry leaders across the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

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