Why Federated BIM is Important for Construction Industry?

A Federated BIM(Building Information Model) is vital for the construction industry. Its benefits include inter-disciplinary collaboration, enhanced coordination, reduced rework and better project management.

The federated BIM model is important as it brings together select components from across multiple disciplines on to a common data environment (CDE). Whether it is an architect, structural engineer, MEP engineer, contractors or sub-contractor, the federated model’s approach of using standardized name conventions, templates, classification systems for sharing and collecting information, etc. builds a strong case for it. Cloud-based usage which allows stakeholders to view data from anywhere through any device facilitates operations without geographic restriction.


Revit and Navisworks are some of the popular software used to create Federated BIM models to eliminate challenges like a material waste, poor utilization of skilled resources, construction rework and design conflicts.

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